CBSE Board Exam 2022 Tips And Tricks

CBSE Board Exams: Top 10 Tips to keep in mind on the day of the CBSE board exam

Cbse Board Exam Tips And Tricks, Cbse Board Exam Preparation Tips 2022

Students preparing for the CBSE board exams for Class 10 as well as CBSE board exams for Class 12 are advised to follow this to-do list on the day of exam that will not only help to maintain calm but also perform with much concentration and better performance.

Cbse Board Exam Tips And Tricks Before the exam starts:

Tip 1: Students are advised foremost to wake up on time. You must take enough sleep so that you you feel refreshed for the whole day so please do not study late on the night before the exam.

Tip 2: Stay calm, maintain a positive attitude. Do not think negative about the exam. Try some stress buster for yourself - go for a brisk walk or simply take gaps between the study.

Tip 3: Revision is a must, it is necessary to take a quickly revise the notes of all the topics of the particular subject.

Tip 4: Have a proper breakfast. It is just not good to go for the exam on an empty stomach.

Tip 5: Now, this is for everybody. You must reach the exam venue with sufficient time in hand. Don't forget to carry stationery, admit card/ hall ticket for the CBSE board examination.

Cbse Board Exam Preparation Tips During the exam:

Tip 6: Read the instructions carefully before starting the examination.

Tip 7: This is must for any and every examination you give throughout your life. Do not waste time over a question if you got stuck over it. Simply leave that particular question and move ahead to the next question. At last of time in the exam, try to attempt the left questions.

Tip 8: Wisely select the appropriate question to be solved to avoid wasting time later on in the first 15 minutes that is allotted as reading time.

Tip 9: Write neatly with proper margins (presentation is also that counts).

Tip 10: Try leaving at least 15 minutes for revision of answers.

So, these were a few CBSE Board Exam Tips and Tricks for students appearing in CBSE Board Exams 2022CBSE 2022 Result Class 10 and CBSE 2022 Result Class 12 will be updated here.