How To Prepare For CBSE Board 2022 Exams

How to Prepare for CBSE Board Exam in little time?

How To Prepare For CBSE Board Exams for Class 10th and Class 12th 2022?

As the countdown to CBSE Board exams has started, its time for students to prepare wholeheartedly and in the little time. Its common when students who are preparing for cbse board exams study hard as well keep on forgeting a lot. So, students need not worry as we provide here some of the finest rules and tips so that you are able to crack the toughest of the cbse exams effectively and quickly.

1. Make a plan of study ready. Make this plan easy and stay away from making it complicated.

  • On a sheet of paper, list down all major topics and sub-topics of a particular subject like the way table of contents is written at the begining of a book. Simply keep ticking off whatever gets completed in the CBSE Board exams 2022.
  • Mark one tick for those topics that you think you have studied reasonably well. 
  • Mark two ticks for the parts you think practiced quite well and are quite confident. 
  • Mark three ticks for those parts of the subject where you have studied very well as an expert as well as performed another revision.
  • So, you might have guessed it correct that your target is to simply have as many three-ticks as possible before the cbse board exams begin.

2. You must decide target topics to be covered for the day in the begining of the day as there is no need to shell out more than 5 minutes for this.

3. Take a short target topic for next 25 minutes, one specific topic. Don't think beyond 25 minutes at a time.

If you wish to gain maximum from the above 3 rules, you need to follow the daily routine which is recommended by experts:

  • The students preparing for the cbse board exams for class 12 and class 10, must take a small break every 40 minutes. Do some light stretching during the breaks.
  • Now, this is must to be followed. Students must maintain a regular sleep pattern. Before going to sleep, leave study for at least 30 minutes. During the 30 minutes, wash your limbs and face, settle down, close your eyes and relax your mind, and allow yourself into a wonderful sleep.
  • Avoid caffeine as you can. This often make you sleep more with sometimes disturbed sleep, reduce the grasping capacity of brain, and you will feel tired when you wake up next day. It is recommended to have lemon water or green tea instead of tea or coffee.
  • Avoid TV, films, chatting, long phone calls, social media unless absolutely necessary. This will result in making your brain tired. Speak less and do more.
  • Play music, or sing, or simply meditate during the short intervals.

If you follow these rules by heart, it will help you crack CBSE Board exam 2022 successfully. We will upate here CBSE Result 2022 Class 10 and CBSE Result 2022 Class 12 after announcement by CBSE.